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StatX Aerosol Fire Suppression

The Stat-X® product line is manufactured by Fireaway Inc.
Fireaway was founded in 2005 in Minnetonka, Minnesota.
Since then, the company has evolved and grown as sales
continue to increase. Our continued efforts to educate fire
professionals and safety directors on the technical and
performance capabilities of the product line have proven to be
beneficial. We are also enhancing our brand awareness with
our marketing efforts.
With all the above, we have further developed our
facilities in Minnetonka just last fall by relocating our offices
and expanding the production area. We have a second
manufacturing facility in Minden, Louisiana as well. We
recently built a new fire research and R&D test facility near
our existing facility in Minden. This new facility reinforces
our commitment to innovation in fire extinguishing.
Our product line consists of our portable unit, the Stat-X
First Responder®, which is an innovative and effective firefighting
tool currently used by bus companies to protect bus
passenger compartments, as well as utility underground
service workers, emergency personnel throughout the world,
especially volunteer and professional fire-fighters, police,
ambulance and EMS first-responders, and military personnel.
Our Stat-X® fixed SYSTEMS provides superior fire suppression
with reductions in weight, space, and maintenance. Stat-X
protects enclosed special hazards such as diesel generator
rooms, switch gear rooms, vehicle engine compartments,
machinery spaces, flammable liquid storage, electric rooms &
cabinets, pharmaceutical plants, and industrial areas.
We have the following product options:
Electrically activated generators are used as a total flooding
system to protect a wide range of industrial applications. The
systems are designed by our distributors based on the unique
characteristics of the area to be protected. This is a basic fire
protection systems with detection, alarm, and activation just
like you are familiar with.
Thermal/manually activated generators are used for smaller
applications such as electrical cabinets. Either method of
activation, thermal or manual, can be utilized with our unique
patented activation head.
Manually ONLY activated generators are used in applications
with personnel on site to manually activate (pull) the systems
in case of fire.
The advantages of the Stat-X product line are its performance,
adaptable design, and low-cost due to easy installation (no
costly labor-intensive piping).
Aerosols are an effective new alternative in the arsenal of
traditional special hazard fire protection to be considered when
evaluating use of halon substitute, CO2, inert gas, dry chemical,
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