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Repatriation of Stranded Seafarers

It was when a SOS call was received from Ship Management Companies in Singapore, Greece, Brazil & Mumbai that Sea Dogs swung into action to repatriate 45-50 seafarers who had been in Dhaka for over two long months. The crew had signed off from their ships after completion of their contracts and could not go home as all scheduled flights had been cancelled due to the lock down in Bangladesh and India.

To get all Companies together for their crew to be repatriated in a foreign country required close coordination, processing documents and liaison with High Commission and other Govt regulatory bodies. A suitable chartered aircraft from US Bangla Airlines was arranged for the crew from Chittagong arriving at Dhaka in three different group from various Shipping Companies and the mission was successfully accomplished with clockwork precision on the planned date.

Besides getting accolades from the stranded seafarers themselves, local Bangla and Delhi media highlighted the event as this mission was the first of its kind when a foreign airline was chartered to land in Delhi during the restricted period of pandemic.

Encouraged by the satisfactory services extended and requirements of the Shipping Companies, Sea Dogs have entered into the business of Air Charter service. The Company has long been planning to expand services in the field of transportation and there could not have been a better way other than air transport to expedite transportation men & material for our esteemed clients. Even while the Aviation business was being set up in May 2020, Sea Dogs has been inundated with service requests of repatriation, Crew sign on & sign off and cargo business from Companies globally.

Sea Dogs aim to provide a unique solution for our clients to choose from a widest selection of private aircraft including large charter planes for varied travel requiring exclusive timelines. Reliability, transparency, determination and eye for detail would thus be the cornerstones of our operations. 


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